DFMA turnkey solution demonstrates BGEN’s in-house capabilities for technology and electrical engineering

  • Client: British Steel
DFMA turnkey solution demonstrates BGEN’s in-house capabilities for technology and electrical engineering
Case study

Technology Scope

  • Design, supply and installation of a new ‘Form 4 Type 2’ Motor Control Centre, housed in a 30ft containerised switchroom.
  • Built off-site at our Penketh manufacturing facility: Factory acceptance tested & client witness tested, prior to delivery to site.
  • Delivery & installation on site as a complete package.
  • Site Acceptance Testing

Containerised switchroom, complete with:

  • Small power, heating, lighting and emergency lighting
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Air conditions to accommodate 20KW of heat loss
  • Electrical safety signage and equipment
Containerised switchroom

Engineering Solutions Scope

  • Cable containment
  • LV Power, control, instrument, network & earthing cables
  • HV Cable Installation, testing & commissioning (via specialist third party)
  • Installation of free issued instrumentation – flow meters & proxy switches
  • Supply & installation of stainless steel junction boxes & emergency stop pushbutton stations
Transformer Unit

Why was the project required?

The project was to replace two of the original ‘Mather & Platt’ pump units, which fed two boiler units, with a new skid. The skid would contain four smaller variable speed pumps to allow for the output of the pumps to be controlled as required by the station.

There was no space in the existing building to install the new required MCC & Transformer. Rather than having to construct a brand-new building on site, a modular/containerised solution was requested which meant a readymade solution, complete with all power distribution and the Motor Control Centre could be delivery to site ready to be cabled.


The BGEN electrical and instrumentation team, already working at British Steel, originally identified the opportunity. The team advised the client of BGEN’s MCC/LV Assembly capabilities and asked if we could tender for the project. British Steel were impressed with our quotation and after a few meetings with their team, it was awarded.

Motor Control Centre (MCC)


As British Steel was a new client for the technology division, the division needed to become familiar with all the specifications and apply them to manufacture a product that met their standards. We also need to understand their way of working so we could effectively communicate with the project team to ensure a quality service was provided.

Safety considerations

As the modular/containerised solution was a large and heavy unit, we needed to utilise a specialist lifting subcontractor to crane offload the solution to it final location. This involved undertaking a site survey and producing lifting RAMS to include in British Steel’s work package.

Benefits to the customer

BGEN were able to provide a full turnkey solution: since the E&I team were also awarded the electrical installation works. BGEN’s full capability meant that we could easily and effectively communicate directly with the electrical installation team on-site, rather than communicate through British Steel.

This direct interface meant both BGEN teams could get quick responses to any TQ’s and easily coordinate each other’s programmes.

Not only did this allow BGEN to streamline the project internally but also meant British Steel did not need to be the interface between both teams, saving their project team time and valuable resource.

Future works

Since the success of the CPS project, the technology team have been awarded a further six projects, four of which are being delivered alongside BGEN’s E&I team, allowing for best-in-class, in-house turnkey solutions for our clients.

Elecrical housing

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