Improving Efficiency for LondonEnergy’s  

  • Client: LondonEnergy Ltd
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Improving Efficiency for LondonEnergy’s  
Case study

Client Requirement 

Our client London Energy delivers the essential waste management services needed to help make London a greener, cleaner, and healthier place.  

London Energy required their existing facility upgraded to support their strategy to generate energy from both household and industrial waste. A facility that would improve efficiency and modernise energy for the National Grid. 

BGEN is one of the UK’s largest engineering firms driving the energy transition, as a leading contractor in the energy sector, BGEN were appointed to the project as a mechanical, electrical and instrumentation contractor to undertake the work with zero downtime on their existing facility. 

Our Solution 

BGEN provided a comprehensive mechanical and electrical service where their teams installed an 8.2-megawatt steam turbine at the heart of the project, which integrated into the existing piping systems and electrical components. Making it an overall environmentally sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solution.    

To complement the installation of the steam turbine the piping systems, equipment and electrical systems were all upgraded this included various piping systems, which comprised of main steam, spray water, condensate, dump steam, cooling water (flow and return), relief stream, vents, and drains improving along with Installation of essential equipment such as duplex oil coolers, condensate extraction pumps, PRDS dump stations, hot well, steam ejectors, blower, steam separators, and steelwork.  

Additionally, to digitalise and optimise their operation, implemented all electrical systems, including low voltage (LV) power, control systems, earthing, HDG Cable Containment, and Ladder Racking. The project also included the installation of MCC panel, AVR panel, Turbine Control panel, Turbine Gauge panel, DCMS panel, Battery, Battery Charging panel, LV power cables, Control and Instrumentation cables, Earthing Cables, Electrical Isolators, Control Stations, Junction Boxes, and associated termination equipment. 

Furthermore, BGEN supplied and installed primary and secondary steel systems, including regulatory standard safety ladders, staircases, handrails, and flooring. Now the client benefits from a safer, efficient and reliable facility. 

Client Benefits

By entrusting BGEN with this ambitious project, London Energy enjoyed several significant benefits: 

  • Single point of contact: BGEN’s integration of mechanical and electrical departments provided London Energy with a single point of contact for streamlined project coordination. This resulted in enhanced efficiency and communication throughout the project’s lifecycle. 
  • Enhanced Energy Production: The installation of the new 8.2-megawatt steam turbine improved energy production, contributing to London Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy generation. 
  • Minimal Disruption: The ability to run the new turbine alongside existing ones allowed for the modernisation of the facility without service disruption, ensuring consistent energy output for the National Grid. 
  • Cost-Effective: BGEN’s comprehensive solution reduced the need for multiple contractors, resulting in cost savings and a more efficient project delivery timeline. 
  • Safety and Compliance: The project adhered to rigorous safety and compliance standards, ensuring the safety of both the facility and its personnel. 
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