Innocent on path to create carbon neutral, ‘super-sustainable’ production site

  • Client: Innocent Drinks
  • Netherlands
Innocent on path to create carbon neutral, ‘super-sustainable’ production site
Case study

Services provided

“The Blender” project will create a carbon neutral integrated blending and filling business.

Creating this factory enables innocent to do their bit to keep climate change below two degrees by building a carbon neutral factory that step changes innocent’s impact on the environment and allows the business to leave things better than they found them

BFP Ltd were approached to provide the detailed design, manufacture, procurement, delivery, installation, test, commission and optimisation of the HVAC system required to operate the factory and offices in its entirety.

The brief

“As with all modern factories and process plants, manufacturing solutions should incorporate a sustainable approach at the heart of all design concepts. This should include but not be limited to a reduction in energy consumption, elimination or minimisation of energy losses and optimisation through best design and operating practices. Innocent evaluation will places a high ranking on suppliers offering an energy efficient solution with utilisation of technology to future proof the design within their proposal, and an understanding of the air handling requirements of a highly automated modern manufacturing facility”

“The new juice facility will be the most technologically advanced of its kind in the world at the lowest possible investment cost. It will be the most efficient delivering lowest possible operating cost. It will have the best environmental credentials, minimal waste and most sustainable building and utility techniques and technologies. It must consistently deliver reliability and repeatability”

The design conforms to:

  • BREEAM – Outstanding Certification based on BREEAM-NL 2014 version 2.0
  • WELL Gold certification based on the WELL Building Standard version 2.0, Q3 2019

The project delivery

The project was modelled in BIM 360 and a series of proprietary AHU systems to serve the process high care and low care facility whist creating a pressure regime throughout the production facility to maintain the level filtration and temperature control required to meet the WELL standard.

Energy recovery includes the use of ‘thermal wheel’ technology and BMS controls to ensure maximum efficiency of the plant.

The external plant and ductwork systems are manufactured from Aluminium al3 which is suitable as protection from the exposed coastal location.

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