Barrow Team Support Local Charity

Barrow Team Support Local Charity

BGEN an engineering company that has been at the forefront of the industry for over 100 years, solving engineering challenges of the modern world and providing greener, sustainable engineering solutions for clients in heavy Industry, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities. Their team who work in the Barrow area for one of the biggest manufacturer in Britain have been supporting the local charity. BGEN recognises the importance of giving back to the local community and supporting charities.

The team in Barrow have recently supplied a local foodbank with festive selection boxes an initiative not only underscores the team’s commitment to the well-being of its neighbours but also exemplifies the positive change that can be instigated through collective efforts.

The idea stemmed from the BGEN Barrow team recognising the diverse needs within its local community. Understanding the importance of collective action, the team started to raise funds that would directly benefit and uplift those in the local community.

Beyond the financial aspect, the initiative has empowered community members to actively participate in the betterment of their shared environment. The collaborative nature of the project has fostered a sense of ownership and responsibility, instilling a belief that positive change is achievable when a team comes together. Every contribution, big or small, has played a vital role in realising the team’s vision of creating a stronger, more resilient local community.

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