BGEN instrumentation team nominated for Severn Trent’s ‘supplier of the year’ award

BGEN instrumentation team nominated for Severn Trent’s ‘supplier of the year’ award

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BGEN are one of our ‘LOT4 C’ installation EICA contractors for AMP7 (WQM & ICA projects). BGEN continue to deliver a first-class service for STW’s EICA CCS team with their ‘can do’ attitude to everything presented to them by STW.

BGEN deliver innovative thinking and problem-solving that has introduced new instrumentation to STW on behalf of the innovation team, and delivered cost saving ideas that benefit STW: River Intake WQM self-cleaning tank, insertion probes, smaller sample pumps for reduced energy usage and treated water savings etc.

BGEN look at working for STW as their own plant/equipment and have STW at the forefront of what they do – ‘Wholesome water, fit to drink and always on’ and replace WQ monitors and ICA whilst keeping the site running with shutdowns kept to minimum. BGEN bring a wealth of knowledge from other water companies and industries which is shared with and brought into STW as they also attend and feed into the Instrumentation COP.

BGEN are also our go-to reactive team who will adjust their programme to support STW, they also work along STW ‘As One Team’ for efficiency and the best cost benefit. See the feedback from Draycote operational staff: Geoffrey Cox- Non-Infra Senior Technician said: With completion of the WQ scheme at Draycote I wanted to give credit where it’s due.

BGEN have been the best contractors I have worked with on site at Draycote and Campion. Their communication and planning have been brilliant. They have worked cleanly, efficiently and didn’t cause any hindrance to site. Every week we received an update on what work was happening and informed of any changes to the work scheduled.

Thank you for the way BGEN integrated their team into ours, allowing us to all work as ‘One Team’ to achieve the target.

Kevin Lamb, ICA design and delivery manager, Severn Trent
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