BGEN partner with Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance

BGEN partner with Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance

We recognise that our supply chain is an extension of our own business and it’s vitally important to us.

As a company we’ve grown significantly and so has our supply chain; our processes need to reflect this growth to ensure we can maintain the same level of quality and customer expectation that we’ve always delivered on.

We’re therefore pleased to share the news that we’ve partnered with Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance to provide greater visibility into our supplychain and to demonstrate our commitment to ethical best practice and sustainable business growth.

Using Alcumus will enhance our approach to risk management with verified, accurate data of our suppliers and contractors through one central platform, helping us to be more resilient with a compliant supply chain.

We are pooling together our health, safety and sustainability policies in one place – for one UK-leading assessment standard.

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