BGEN wraps up National Apprenticeship Week 2023

BGEN wraps up National Apprenticeship Week 2023

This year’s theme was #SkillsForLife so we took to LinkedIn to put the spotlight on some of our current and former apprentices.

We asked our current apprentices about what they’re up to and checked in with our former apprentices to get their feedback on apprenticeships and provide advice for the next generation.


Rob is on the second year of his electrical apprenticeship and is on one of our sites in Macclesfield. He does two week blocks at college every few weeks, and is on our site full time for the rest of his time.

“The reason I started an apprenticeship is because you can get straight onto a job and start learning hands on. My supervisor is always willing to help me with things that I don’t know and get me on track so I can do it properly every single time I do it.” – Rob, Electrical Apprentice


Craig, one of Contracts Managers, qualified as an Electrician in 2011.

“An apprenticeship for any skilled trade is the most beneficial route in my opinion. There is a great balance of on-site practical work vs college-based theory.

The timeframe for an apprenticeship is enough to ensure you have the right level of experience when you qualify. It also allows you to gain the knowledge, skills and insights from time served electricians.

It is enjoyable and satisfying seeing the end product of your hard work. There are so many career paths… having the initial experience from the apprenticeship will give you the foundations needed to move into those fields.

I can safely say it is the best decision I made.” – Craig, Contracts Manager


We interviewed Harvey, an IT apprentice to find out more about his experiences and future plans.


Neil is our LV Operations Manager and he qualified in 2001.

“Any employer willing to sponsor your apprenticeship indicates a measure of the value they place in you.

Use this to demonstrate your capabilities and develop your learning, as undoubtedly with the right dedication and support from the business, you will likely succeed in your role and build a mutually beneficial relationship and career.

Embrace any opportunity to progress and give it your all.

There are many more opportunities that lay ahead and becoming an electrician will provide a solid basis on which to build your career and achieve your aspirations in the electrical industry.” – Neil, LV Operations Manager


Paul is our E&I Operations Manager and qualified in 1994.

“Apprenticeships have changed in recent years and are increasingly used as a steppingstone to become engineering and construction professionals… many companies preferring candidates that have come through the apprenticeship route to inexperienced graduates.

My advice to anyone looking for a career that gives you job satisfaction by being part of a team that builds and installs something that you can be proud of, then maybe becoming an electrician is the career for you.

The hard work in the early years – it definitely pays off in the future with no limit on progression within the industry.” – Paul, E&I Operations Manager


Tom is a Strategic Account Manager and he qualified as an Electrician in 2008.

“I got a job at BGEN during the Summer of 2005 and was only supposed to be doing a six-week summer placement before returning to sixth form college.

However, I really enjoyed my time on the manufacturing shop floor, and when I was offered an apprenticeship. I jumped at the chance.

Completing an apprenticeship gives you a great foundation, you will be surprised just how many career pathways open-up once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship.

Once I completed my apprenticeship BGEN supported me with further higher education courses and what started out as a 6-week placement is currently over a 17-year enjoyable, exciting career.” – Tom, Strategic Account Manager

Our ‘top tips’ campaign, featuring the advice from our former apprentices, was also featured for the second year running with the Electrical Times.

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