BGEN Upgrade PPE to Ensure Highest Quality

BGEN Upgrade PPE to Ensure Highest Quality

At BGEN, commitment to worker safety is more than a policy; it’s a core part of the company ethos. In support of this BGEN are trialling a vast range of new, upgraded gloves to ensure their team have the highest quality of PPE.

The BGEN H&S team found their existing gloves didn’t provide sufficient dexterity and warmth in colder conditions. As a result, exploring options on what is available in the market trialling various gloves to support safety, functionality, and wellbeing. The trial has been instrumental in guiding product development, helping to address concerns directly and improve the functionality and comfort of the protective wear to better suit the diverse environments in which they are used.

Although there are a lot of gloves undergoing trial, there is looking to be a winner for electrical and technology personnel. Designed for high-risk environments, these gloves feature high cut resistance (Level E/ANSI A5) and are made using 15 gauge engineered HPPE blended with 25% recycled polyester. This enhances the comfort of employees whilst upgrading the level of protection that these gloves offer, ensuring that each employee can perform their tasks with comfort.

These gloves are completely free from steel and glass fibres, elements traditionally used in protective gloves, which have been known to cause skin irritation and cold hands. By eliminating these materials, the H&S team are able ensure a safer and more comfortable working experience for employees.

Aligned with global sustainability efforts, these gloves are not just about protection. Each pair is made from the equivalent of one 500ml PET bottle, emphasising our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Certified by the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), the gloves also contribute to an 18g reduction in CO2 emissions compared to their virgin polyester counterparts, making them a choice that benefits both the user and the planet.

BGEN’s commitment to improvement is highlighted by what seems like a simple task but can have significant benefits on safety, productivity, and wellbeing. This epitomises their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Peter Barker, Health and Safety Director at BGEN explains:

“A really worthwhile exercise collaborating with our suppliers and putting them in direct contact with our employees to discuss the issues they experience with PPE and what works best for them.  The end goal is to get the right PPE to the right user, that provides the correct level of protection.”

Peter Barker

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