Profile interview: Aaron Pendlebury, IT support team leader

Profile interview: Aaron Pendlebury, IT support team leader

Here, we cast the spotlight on Aaron Pendlebury, a key part of the IT department (also known as the engine room) at BGEN, and a member of the ‘next generation’.

What is your current role?

“I’ve recently been promoted to IT support team leader.  Prior to that I was on the front-line providing assistance as an IT support technician.”

Why a career in IT?

“It was a good fit really.  I had (and still do have) an interest in gaming, a love of computers, and I realised that the role of information technology in business was only going to grow as I got older.”

How did you arrive at BGEN?

“Following a BTEC at college, I graduated as an Infrastructure Technician (level three) in July last year.  Studying wasn’t easy due to COVID but BGEN provided as much support as they could.”

So, what does an IT support technician do on a daily basis?

“Lots, and it’s so varied.  When you’re not responding to tickets, emails and phone calls, I’m supporting people in person when they pop into the office and ask: “Aaron, can you help with…”.  The work itself usually involves password assistance, setting up machines, and managing profiles.

“I’ve also had a few requests I’ve had to politely decline including people asking for help with their own IT equipment at home such as printers (Although I do try to help if I can 😊).”

And an IT support team leader?

“I’m not long into the role, so it’s a WIP.  However, one thing I’ve noticed immediately is that I’ll be supporting the wider team more strategically moving forward.

“However, I’ll still be on hand to support people in the business – so you could say I’m currently in a hybrid role.”

You read in the news that security is a major concern for businesses.  What advice would you give people in this area?

“Security is a major ongoing concern, and the best advice I can give to people in the business is to be vigilant and think before you click. 

Phishing is a constant threat, so taking the extra time to review emails (such as the address itself – is it a valid one and linked to the company sending the email?) and reporting any suspicious ones to IT will help to reduce the risk.

What do you enjoy about the job?

I like the variation, but most of all, I like supporting the three current IT apprentices we have in the team.  I think a couple of them are like me as in “show me, don’t tell me”, so I’m enjoying showing them the ropes.

BGEN on Aaron:

“Aaron’s knowledge and experience has vastly improved since he joined BGEN. I am confident in handing responsibility for a project over to Aaron, safe in the knowledge that he will get the job done.

“He has established a reputation for himself amongst the BGEN community as someone people can rely on.  As a result, people actively ask for him by name.

“We also greatly value his help in training the other apprentices currently in the department.”

Andi McLean, IT Manager

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