Profile interview: Joe Berthels, Electrician

Profile interview: Joe Berthels, Electrician

Here, we cast the spotlight on Joe Berthels, one of our rising stars and part of the ‘next generation’ at BGEN.

When did you qualify as an Electrician?

April 2023.

What was your apprenticeship in?

My apprenticeship was C&G 2357 NVQ Level Electrical Installation and Maintenance.

What made you decide to go into the Electrical industry?

Two reasons, really. Firstly, I had the opportunity to go to university (which may be the right move for some), but I was attracted to the structure of an apprenticeship, and it was also good to “earn while you learn.” Secondly, my grandad and father are both time-served, and they have both had rewarding careers.

What has been your journey while qualifying?

Lots – it’s true what they say, “that no two days at BGEN are the same.” The focus has been on industrial work (which I like) in sectors such as food, petrochemicals, and pharma. One project I am particularly proud of is the work I delivered at the synthetic fuels business, C3 Biotech. In addition to that, I’ve been working hard to pass my CompEx course. This enables me to work in potentially hazardous environments, which is key given some of the industries we operate in.

How did BGEN support you?

I’m really grateful for the support BGEN has given me so far, from Nick Woollacott supporting with the exams (which I passed with flying colours despite the nerves) to Vinnie Edge, who is a guiding hand on the work I now deliver client-side. Now, as I look at my future career, BGEN will be providing support while I undertake my HNC – including paying for the course and my attendance.

What advice would you give to apprenticeships?

Start your portfolio asap. When I started my apprenticeship, and they told me to take pictures of different types of work, I thought I had plenty of time. However, the reality is very different, and time flies – and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be scrambling around for images to qualify.

BGEN on Joe:

“Joe is a great addition to the team and has the potential for a bright future. He gets excellent 360 feedback across the board, and there are a couple of examples where clients have commented on Joe’s performance directly.”

“One of the nice things we’ve seen is Joe taking time out to support more junior apprentices on their journey, which fits with the ‘family’ culture of BGEN.”

Vinnie Edge, Director
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