5 Golden Rules

5 Golden Rules

Prioritising Health & Safety First!

Our commitment to health and safety isn’t just a priority – it’s our very essence. It’s the thread that runs through every project we undertake, every decision we make, and every team member we welcome into our family. To help you work in the safest way possible, we’ve established the Five Golden Rules. These rules aren’t just guidelines; they are a commitment to personal responsibility and vigilance, aimed at creating a secure and protective work environment.

Plan it

Effective planning is essential to prevent accidents and ensure quality work. Work should only commence after careful planning. This means defining a safe methodology, controlling known risks, and setting clear objectives before starting any task. It’s equally crucial that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. By emphasising meticulous planning, we lay the foundation for a safe work environment.

Be fit for it

Being physically and mentally fit for your job is crucial. Your fitness ensures that you can make informed decisions and work safely. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are in the right condition for your tasks. If you ever have concerns about your fitness for a particular job, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your supervisor or manager. They are there to support you in making the right choices for your well-being.

Get a brief for it

Clear communication is the key to safe teamwork. Before starting any task, always receive a thorough briefing to understand what needs to be done and how to do it. Briefings are designed to ensure that everyone is on the same page, reducing the chances of errors and accidents. Whether you are new to the job or an experienced hand, a briefing is vital. Newcomers should receive a site induction and work under supervision until they become familiar with the site and its emergency procedures.

Stop it

If something doesn’t seem right or if there are unexpected changes in your work environment, do not hesitate to stop work. Work environments, especially in construction, can change rapidly. Stopping work in such situations is not a sign of weakness but a proactive measure to ensure safety. Unplanned changes can lead to unsafe practices that jeopardise the safety of your team and the public. Ensure that safety measures are promptly updated to address any changes to the task or environment.

Report it

If you witness an unsafe event, condition, or anything that raises concerns, report it immediately. Reporting concerns is vital for your safety and the safety of others. Whether it’s a near miss, an unsafe condition, or a violation of safety protocols, your report helps us implement necessary precautions. It allows us to adapt our work methods, improve training, and enhance safety instructions. Reporting incidents, even when no one is injured, prevents future accidents and makes the workplace safer for all.

The Five Golden Rules are our commitment to creating a secure work environment. By planning effectively, staying fit, receiving briefings, stopping work when necessary, and reporting concerns, you contribute to the safety of yourself, your colleagues, and the public. Our dedication to the safest way underscores our commitment to ensuring that everyone returns home safely each day. Empower yourself by following these rules and raising concerns when necessary because your safety is of utmost importance, and it matters to us.

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