National Gas

National Gas
Case study

Integrated Local Equipment Room Solution

Client Requirement:

National Gas required the design, supply, and installation of a comprehensive Local Equipment Room (LER) to improve their operations. BGEN were appointed as the main contractor on the project as part of the National Gas framework.

BGEN provided National Gas with a turnkey solution for their Local Equipment Room, providing a robust and compliant infrastructure that aligns with National Gas Framework standards and safety regulations. The comprehensive approach, transparent documentation, and proactive planning contribute to a successful project outcome.

As part of the solution, there were supply and installation of various components and systems for the proposed modular building construction, including room separation and infrastructure. Key elements include a 400V Switchboard, 230V AC UPS, 110V DC Battery Charger, Distribution Boards, Interposing Relay Panel, and more.

Our Solutions:

A Modular Building technique was used which was developed by a prefabricated steel enclosure which included structural and mechanical components. Incorporating double doors for access control rooms, cable transit frames and painted finish. This allowed the BGEN team to construct all the components offsite, test and bring it all together like using an IKEA pick and pack method reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

To ensure safety and minimum future disruptions to the client’s operations all components used, and methods adopted ensured longevity and future maintenance. From the welded steel construction to the cable to various control and instrumentation systems, a plug-and-play method allowed equipment to be installed quickly and easily.

Equipment included a 400V switchboard designed to customers’ specifications, LV distribution boards, Inclusion of a comprehensive UPS system with parallel switchboard, isolation transformer, batteries, and monitoring systems, 110V DC Battery Charger system with dual charging units, control, alarms, and instrumentation installed to improve efficiency and guarantee safety.

Once all the equipment was installed and site completed a stringent testing procedure was carried out before witness testing, with documentation provided to the client. This included provision for Customer Factory Acceptance Testing (cFAT) at the panel build facility.

Now the client benefits from a state-of-the-art facility that is running efficiently, sustainably and with minimum disruption to their existing operation.

Client Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Solution: National Gas receives an integrated solution covering modular construction, electrical systems, and infrastructure. The design and components adhere to relevant standards, ensuring compliance with National Gas Framework and safety regulations.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: The proposed UPS and Battery Charger systems provide reliable power backup and supply for critical operations.
  • Transparent Documentation: Detailed engineering services, AutoCAD drawings, and compliance documentation provide transparency throughout the project. Proactive site surveys and planning for crane lifting and logistic conditions ensure a smooth installation process. Stringent testing, including cFAT, guarantees the reliability and functionality of the supplied systems.
  • Single point of contact: The client can have a pre-shipment visit to inspect the completed LER unit, demonstrating BGEN’s commitment to quality. National Gas benefits from the expertise of BGEN Ltd as a Framework Supplier, streamlining processes from design to installation.

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