Profile interview with water project manager Paula Muir

Profile interview with water project manager Paula Muir

At BGEN, no two roles are the same, so we are talking to colleagues across the organisation and asking them five questions to get insight and understanding of their journey here and how they fit into the company.

Outside of her career, Paula is devoted to both football and dogs.

Paula named her first child after the footballer who scored the first goal at the match that she was on her way to, before going into labor! Her son is called Brian, after Brian McClair.

Paula’s been volunteering as a dog walker for the elderly for over a decade and loves the characters that she gets to meet, not just the dogs, but their Mums and Dads too!

Can you tell us a little about your background and the path that has led you here?

My background is in software integration and this has taken me all over the world, to amazing places like Oman, Norway, Azerbaijan and Japan. I’ve been a Project Manager for 20 years now and have been involved in some fantastic projects.  One I’m particularly proud of was the Macallan Distillery in Craigellachie which involved a complete new control system for a distillery that’s built into the hillside. 

Over the years I have worked in so many sectors, including oil and gas, food and beverages, and vision systems, and can honestly say there has never been a dull moment.

Can you describe your average day?

I really don’t have an average day, every day is different which is part of the reason I love the job.  I was the first Project Manager to work from BGEN’s Grangemouth office and the team have made me more than welcome: they’re a great team.

I work with a combination of internal and external stakeholders, so there’s a lot of communication involved.  Day to day work would include upkeep of project plans, progress reports, dealing with any site issues, planning site works, meetings with clients, site visits, internal meetings, the list goes on…

Has anything surprised you?

The biggest difference I’ve found from other companies is the way BGEN look after their employees’ welfare.  It’s truly amazing the support that’s there if needed.  You can tell it’s a family background, which surprised me due to the size of the company.  Each and every person matters.

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

I was the first Project Manager to be based out of Grangemouth, a great honour.  Water was something I had never done in the past and this has been a challenging 18 months getting to know the systems, teams, clients.  It’s been tough at times, however, really worthwhile and I feel like I’m making a contribution to bring everyone together from all of our sites.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone setting out in their career?

My biggest piece of advice would be to listen, be honest, be approachable and have a laugh too.  Project management is about people skills just as much as organisation. 

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