Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Nurturing Personal Development and Growth

BGEN is one of the UK’s largest engineering firms driving the energy transition. Their success is embodied by their unwavering commitment to personal development, growth, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. This commitment is not just a part of BGEN’s core values; it’s the cornerstone of the company’s success. BGEN encourages and promotes personal development and growth.

The Importance of Personal Development

In an industry as dynamic as energy engineering, the ability to adapt and grow is paramount. BGEN recognises this fact and places a strong emphasis on personal development as a driving force for innovation and success. The company believes that when its employees thrive, the organisation thrives.

Encouraging Learning and Development

BGEN’s commitment to personal development starts with a culture of learning and development that permeates the entire organisation. The company invests in its employees’ growth by providing access to a wide range of training programmes, workshops, and educational resources. Whether it’s staying updated with the latest advancements in the latest technology or refining leadership skills, BGEN ensures that its team has access to the tools they need to excel.

Promotion of Andy McDaid

Andy McDaid, a shining example of BGEN’s commitment to personal development, has recently been promoted to a leadership position within the company. Andy began his journey at BGEN as an Approved Electrician, but his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence did not go unnoticed. Through a series of promotions and opportunities for further education, Andy climbed the ranks at BGEN.

One of the standout features of Andy’s journey is the mentorship and guidance he received from senior colleagues. BGEN actively fosters mentorship relationships, believing that they are vital for personal and professional growth. Andy’s promotion serves as a testament to the company’s investment in its employees’ development.

Steve Sleight: A Leader in the Making

Steve Sleight, another site manager at BGEN, exemplifies the company’s belief in cultivating leadership from within. Steve began his career at BGEN as an Approved Electrician, but his potential was evident from the start. Through tailored training programmes and continuous support from his Line Manager, Steve’s skills and leadership qualities have flourished.

BGEN recognises that promoting individuals like Steve and Andy is not only a testament to their abilities but also an investment in the future of the company. Their journey serves as an inspiration to others within the organisation, proving that hard work, dedication, and a commitment to personal growth can lead to remarkable achievements.

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