Cybersecurity consultancy services

Cybersecurity consultancy services

As industrial automation control systems (IACS) become more connected and integrated, it becomes increasingly important to embed a high level of cyber security into any new installation – and to continually re-assess existing installations.

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From our five UK sites across the UK, we have a large team of systems integration engineers (trained to IEC 62443) as well as specialists in control, IT and OT. They can implement any new or revised infrastructure, control system and network you may require, tailored to your needs. They can:

  • construct a new overarching cyber security management system,
  • assess, design, implement, monitor and maintain existing systems
  • implement cloud solutions or conventional hardware
  • migrate legacy systems.

Compliance with IEC 62443 standards

IEC 62443 are international standards governing industrial communication networks and IT security for networks and systems. To support your compliance with these standards, our engineers can:

  • risk-assess your existing systems or new designs
  • design your systems in line with an agreed level of risk
  • implement technical changes or agreed designs
  • monitor existing networks and provide ongoing updates
  • consult on the Network & Information Systems (NIS) Regulations 2018 for operators of essential services (OES).

Cybersecurity modelling and testing

We can model your entire system to minimize installation time and disruption, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective implementation with minimal risk. As part of this modelling, we can simulate live use and test the system’s resilience and acceptance criteria.

Additional cybersecurity services

  • Analysis and documentation of existing networks
  • Staff training and internal presentations
  • Firewall design and configuration
  • Intrusion prevention & detection
  • Vulnerability assessments (IEC 62443)
  • Security policies (user/access control)
  • Patch management
  • VPNs and remote access implementation
  • Implementation of new or upgraded network infrastructure.

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