Industrial networks

Industrial networks

BGEN specialises in performance-driven, secure, customised industrial network solutions in the operational technology (OT) space, facilitating the migration and seamless integration of legacy systems into the information technology (IT) space.

Over many years, and usually in challenging environments, we’ve built up a strong portfolio of industrial network projects in utilities, transport and manufacturing. We offer a range of industrial networking technologies including cabling solutions, data network configurations, wireless technology, signal transmission and conversion, client systems, and professional network services.

Custom industrial network solutions

Industrial environments are complex and challenging, and the cost of failure and downtime is high. That’s why our industrial network solutions are custom-made to meet your environmental and performance requirements.

As vendor independent specialists, we can always offer you the best technological solution for your business, so you can achieve total control. We’ll work with you to meet clear objectives relating to demands such as:

  • innovation
  • network performance
  • security
  • efficiency
  • segregation
  • interoperability
  • increased productivity
  • migration impact.
Engineer at oil refinery building in heavy petrochemical industry

BGEN industrial network services

We offer a wide range of services according to the scale and scope of your project:

  • extensive feasibility studies
  • network audit and design
  • legacy integration/migration
  • network security
  • project management
  • dedicated fibre optic specialist team.

End-to-end cabling infrastructure solutions

We’ve built the in-house capability to design and implement cabling infrastructure solutions from concept to completion. Our dedicated fibre-optic specialist team has over 20 years’ experience; as a single supplier, therefore, we can offer a fully integrated range of services, including termination and testing:

  • site survey
  • consultancy
  • connectivity audit
  • design
  • implementation
  • acceptance
  • documentation and certification
  • preventative and reactive maintenance
  • cable management solutions
  • cable containment solutions.

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