We can help you to gather big data from across your entire estate, offering deep and intelligent insights into your business. Among its many uses, this can trigger interventions before failures can happen.

We gather big data using a combination of existing control systems, building management equipment, and secure industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices, coupled to one of our partners’ digital IIoT platforms.

Making big data available through a powerful digital IIoT platform provides insights that simply can’t be identified in any other way. It enhances the visibility of system threats and weaknesses, and enables improvements which produce direct benefits.

Feeding your data back into production

Because we understand control systems so well, we can use these insights to feed back into your production equipment in near real time. And because the data can come from across your whole estate, this enables facilities to understand the restrictions of upstream and downstream sites, too – not just what the local instrumentation is providing to the control systems.

Machine learning and AI

We can enhance the value of your big data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling your systems to learn from the data that you collect or that you already have.

By constantly analysing this data, patterns can be established which correlate with normal operation. Any incoming data that falls outside of this normal pattern can be highlighted to trigger an intervention. For example, this approach is used in condition-monitoring (CM) to identify when maintenance interventions are needed to prevent a failure.

Engineer in nuclear power station using digital tablet

Cloud-hosted or on-premises IIoT solutions

Our IIoT platforms are normally hosted in the cloud, so they’re truly scalable. You can start small and the system will grow with you as your needs expand.

However, since our platforms run on proven web technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, they can be deployed on-premises if you prefer to manage your own servers and security.

Integrating diverse and legacy systems

One of the challenges of big data is extracting information from a huge range of disparate equipment, including legacy control and building management systems. Since we are experienced integrators in both the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) spheres, we’re ideally placed to help you overcome these challenges. 

We can deploy edge devices to control the flow of data wherever two systems meet at your site, equipped with data connectors for all common protocols. We can also develop custom drivers for the occasions when these might not be available. These edge devices communicate with your OT equipment, delivering that data to the cloud through secure, hardened interfaces either directly or via existing infrastructure.

Our systems implement various connectors, such as APIs, that allow insights to be fed into or obtained from other business systems. For example, our system could automatically create works orders in your computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) and assign them to the appropriate service engineer. If you don’t have a CMMS, we can supply and integrate that for you, as well.

Our IIoT partners

We partner with Rockwell/PTC ThingWorx and Siemens Mindsphere to create sophisticated solutions which will make sense of your big data. This enables you to identity and focus on what’s important for you right now.

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