MCC & control panels

MCC & control panels

We have installed a wide variety of LV motor control centres (Form 4a) and LV control panels (Form 1 & 2) within an extensive range of industrial process plants.

Our experience ranges from large complex treatment works for water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy to roadside pumping stations and simple remote monitoring panels.

BGEN takes a flexible approach to the design of LV MCCs, providing options such as a compact Form 2a ‘wardrobe’ solutions or enhanced Form 4a/b compartmentalised, reliable, and maintainable solutions.

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Reduced downtime

Whatever your site platform system, we can design and integrate our LV MCCs into your own network infrastructure. This enables a more efficient operation with less downtime, greater productivity and reliable, accurate data.

We work closely with key technology partners (such as ABB, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Schneider and Siemens) to deliver enhanced, intelligent LV MCCs – so whatever your technological preference, you’ll benefit from productivity improvements.

Our intelligent LV MCC, systems integration and digitalisation expertise enables you to monitor and report on your plant processes, predictive maintenance and reduced downtime within the facility.

Power-monitoring systems

Using condition-based monitoring, our intelligent MCCs will monitor motors, rotating machines and pumps to inform you about best asset performance. We’ll deliver all the information about vibration, temperature, flow, pressure and kWh necessary for optimising the operation of your assets and preventing major plant failure.

LV MCC and LV control panels

  • Location: indoors or outdoors (within a kiosk/container)
  • Busbar system nominal rated current and short-time withstand current ratings:
    • InA 2000A-4000A ICW 80kA 1s
    • InA 800A-3200A ICW 50kA 1s
    • InA 400A-800A ICW 25kA 1s
  • Rated operational voltages:
    • Un <690VAC (busbar system)
    • Un <415V (devices)
  • Form of internal separation:
    • Form 2a (wall-mount or ‘wardrobe’ type)
    • Form 4a (Type 2) & Form 4b (Type 7)
  • Enclosure rated external IP codes:
    • IP54
    • IP65
  • External design:
    • Welded chassis with fixed and withdrawable compartments
    • Wall-mounted or floor-standing
  • Cabling access: top, bottom, front or rear
  • Enclosure material:
    • Mild steel/stainless steel (304/316)
    • GRP (external housing)
  • Motor starter designs (conventional and intelligent):
    • Fixed speed (direct-on-line, assisted star-delta, soft starter)
    • Variable speed (6 pulse and low harmonic)
  • Fieldbus network communication protocols:
    • Ethernet IP
    • DeviceNET
    • ProfiNET
    • ProfiBUS
    • Modbus
  • Integrated power management solutions:
    • Individual or bulk power factor correction
    • Power quality filtration (harmonic mitigation)
  • Short-circuit protective devices (BS EN 60947 Series):  ACBs, MCCBs and switch-fuses.

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