We can help you create the comfortable working environments that enable both employees and manufacturing processes to be efficient and productive.

Our heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions will suit all building operations for offices, manufacturing facilities and industrial processes. This can be for the comfort of the occupants, or to provide the environmental conditions needed for manufacturing processes.   

We can provide HVAC systems for food & beverages, data centres, pharmaceutical and personal care  manufacturing facilities, hospitals, warehouses, office facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, chemical engineering, and oil & gas installations.

Engineering design and management

  • Our complete design packages include design calculations, schematic layouts, detailed engineering layout drawings (construction), 3D building modelling, engineering specifications, and equipment technical data sheets.
  • We will provide project estimates and bills of quantities
  • We will produce a programme of works with Microsoft Project
  • Our project quality plans detail the full execution of works, including roles and responsibilities; health & safety management systems; documentation; management of plant, materials and equipment; construction management; commissioning; testing; and handover to the client.

HVAC Services

Our broad range of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services for buildings and processes include:

  • Process heating – with hot-water systems heated through gas- or oil-fired boilers or by steam, plus a primary heating source such as thermal oil or low- and medium-pressure hot water. Primary heating sources would be transferred by plate fin or coil-type heat exchangers.
  • Air- or water-cooled heat pumps – increasingly used for heating medium- to low-pressure hot water circuits with cooling by chilled-water systems. Heat pumps are much more efficient and effective for HVAC systems and reduce carbon emissions, too.
  • Centralised air conditioning systems – providing conditioned air from an air-handling unit. An AHU will filter, heat, cool and control humidity as required wherever certain conditions must be met. The filtered, conditioned air from the AHU can be delivered to numerous individual rooms via a ductwork distribution system, controlling room temperature and humidity while meeting fresh-air requirements for occupants.
  • Extract ventilation – also known as local exhaust ventilation (LEV), for processes and room activities that generate heat, dust or fumes. This is usually a regulatory requirement to ensure that people aren’t exposed to harmful substances generated by industrial and commercial processes. We will design and install systems to deal with the relevant air-borne particles, ensuring the minimum exposure limits for humans. Some substances may be subject to an explosion risk in the wrong conditions; therefore, the LEV will conform to ATEX legislative requirements.
  • Direct expansion (DX) refrigerant cooling – this will cool individual rooms or processes, such as offices for comfort (20°C) or for chilling cold storage rooms down to –3°C, plus freezers down to –20°C.
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems – a multiple-unit system from a centralised source, which could be air-cooled condensers or heat pumps to be distributed to room units. The outdoor units connect to the indoor units via a refrigerant copper-tube system. The condensers provide only comfort cooling, while the heat pumps provide both heating and cooling to individual room units. We offer various internal units, normally termed ‘fan-coil units’, which can be wall-mounted, cassette-ceiling types or concealed ducted units located in the ceiling void, with ducts distributing conditioned air through ceiling grilles.
  • Ductwork – sized and fabricated to suit the air volumes, the ducts are usually made from galvanised mild-steel thin-gauge plate. However, ductwork can also be made from other materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and fibreglass. All of our ductwork is designed to international standards such as DW144 or SMACNA.

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