Our sustainability ambitions

We’re empowering our colleagues to work towards creating a better future and a more positive legacy for us all. We acknowledge our responsibility to consider sustainability in all that we do – at every step of every project, and within our own operations.


We have a moral obligation, wherever we operate, to reduce carbon emissions in our own work, and to help wider communities to reduce their own carbon emissions. Our key goals here are to:

  • achieve zero carbon emissions by the end of 2022 for our UK head office (Firecrest). We did this by using science-led analysis and new green technologies for heat, light, water and power
  • switch our fleet of company vehicles to electric wherever practicable, with low-carbon equivalents for the remainder, by 2030
  • collaborate with our supply chain partners so that, wherever practicable, all procured materials will be net zero by 2040.


Where we purchase and consume electricity, we’ll reduce our emissions by:

  • replacing failed equipment with new low-energy alternatives
  • training our internal sustainability colleagues to drive culture change within BGEN, encouraging more sustainability-aware behaviours from all colleagues so that we can achieve our 2025 and 2040 ambitions
  • introducing more sustainable technologies, such as LED lighting, into all of our own offices and workshop facilities 
  • work closely with our trusted partners to adopt new technologies which will help to achieve not only our own carbon targets, but increasingly those of our clients.


Wherever possible, we will adopt low-carbon alternatives for both on- and off-site work.


  • There will be some occasions when we simply cannot reduce emissions. However, by closely monitoring what these are, we’ll be able to offset their impact by contributing to verifiable environmental projects.
  • Wherever our supply chain procurement cannot be net zero by 2040, we’ll encourage those partners to offset by investing in verifiable environmental projects, so that collectively we can achieve that ambition.

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