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At BGEN, we play an important part in maintaining and developing the national infrastructure, providing best-in-class engineering solutions to keep many organisations moving. But that’s just the beginning.

We operate across a wide array of industries – from water and pharmaceutical to energy and food & beverage – helping to make sure that businesses, economies and communities can continue to move forward.

Keeping you moving

Keeping you movingKeeping you moving

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You know that tram you just caught? We helped make that happen by implementing secure networks for both the automated ticketing and traffic control systems. And we also designed the treatment processes that produced the refreshing glass of water you are having after running for it.

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Lighting the way

Lighting the wayLighting the way

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We help maintain the power to the lights above your desk through our electrical installation and design work. Which means you can now see the late night snack you’re enjoying. By the way, our electrical and mechanical know-how helped produce that too.

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Just the medicine

Just the medicineJust the medicine

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We helped engineer the systems that produced the medicine you just took. And the water you washed it down with. Feeling better, you can now take a nice walk home next to the river that we helped keep clean.

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The challenge is a big motivator for us, and we always pull together to achieve the project goals as a team.

Liam Clarke, Mechanical Supervisor

I’ve been very fortunate to work for some fantastic leaders within the technology department who have really advocated for me and inspired me, shaping my development to where I am today.

Tom Woollacott, Strategic Account Manager

Throughout my career with BGEN I have had the opportunity to work with very experienced and technically minded people. These people have helped me in every step of my journey so far and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do today without any of them.

Robbie Stanley, Electrical designer
Teamwork in the boiler room

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