Empowering Employees: Mental Health First Aiders and First Aiders 

Empowering Employees: Mental Health First Aiders and First Aiders 

The well-being and safety of employees is fundamental to delivering the highest level of service for your clients; to support this and provide value-added engineering BGEN has invested in a comprehensive programme that trains employees as both First Aiders and Mental Health First Aiders. This initiative spans all of their offices and operational sites, enhancing their commitment to a safe and supportive work environment. 

Enhancing Capabilities Across BGEN 

The dedication to employee welfare is demonstrated by the significant number of staff trained in these vital areas. This training empowers their team to provide essential support, ensuring they are well-equipped to contribute effectively to mission-critical projects and providing value added engineering.  

See what some of their First Aiders and Mental Health First Aiders had to say: 

“I sought to enhance my skills for the benefit of my work environment and personal growth. The 3-day Mental Health First Aid course was transformative, equipping me to support colleagues effectively and ensuring a healthier workplace.” 

Bev Kirby: Mental Health First Aider 

“Being prepared for emergencies is crucial. My first aid training proved invaluable when a colleague had a heart attack. This qualification is essential as it ensures we are ready to help whenever needed.” 

Simon Caine: First Aider 

“Understanding mental health impacts is vital. In the workplace, recognizing when someone is struggling allows us to offer timely support, enhancing overall team productivity and morale.” 

Michelle Hanley: Mental Health First Aider 

“My experience with PTSD motivated me to support others. BGEN facilitated our training, enabling us to assist colleagues facing mental health challenges. This proactive approach strengthens our team’s resilience and effectiveness.” 

Martin and Nathan Daley: Mental Health First Aiders 

BGEN’s extensive network of Mental Health First Aiders and First Aiders is a testament to their commitment to empowering employees. By providing these essential skills, their team is well-supported, fostering a robust environment that enhances capabilities to deliver superior engineering solutions. 

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