Empowering Ex-Military Personnel for Success

Empowering Ex-Military Personnel for Success

Diversity and inclusion are acknowledged as vital elements of success in any industry, companies are increasingly looking to harness the unique skills and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds. BGEN, commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment has not only enriched their workforce but has also elevated the quality of their projects across critical sectors.

At the core of BGEN’s diversity initiatives lies the recognition that a diverse team brings a breadth of perspectives and skill sets essential for tackling the complex challenges of engineering. Central to this ethos is the belief that people from all backgrounds and walks of life have valuable contributions to make, and that by harnessing this diversity, they can deliver the highest level of quality across all their projects.

Among the diverse groups that BGEN actively supports and values are ex-military personnel. These individuals bring with them a wealth of experience, skills, and attributes honed through their service, making them invaluable assets in the workplace. From their reliability and attention to detail to their strong work ethic and ability to make critical decisions under pressure, ex-military personnel embody qualities that are highly sought after in industries where health and safety are paramount.

Michael joined BGEN last year after visiting them at the CTP ex-military careers fair where he decided to join the ranks of their ex-service personnel and in such a short space of time, he has delivered beyond expectations and delivered to the highest standard exceeding even the client expectations. BGEN believe in having a diverse workforce from all walks of life to create a culture that empowers their people and enables the company to grow with each individual adding unique skills and in return, delivering best-in-class service for their clients. To ensure they continue to support ex-services personnel BGEN will be at this year’s CTP ex-military careers fair on the 18th April 2024.

“In all honesty, I underestimated the impact of the transition from the military to a civilian work environment. However, I have been given the time and support to adapt by my line manager James Sommerville. He has taken the time to understand the intricacies surrounding the transition and why it is seen as a major first hurdle for many service people leaving the forces.”

Michael Goodfellow, Senior Electrical Project Engineer at BGEN

BGEN’s commitment to empowering ex-military personnel extends beyond mere rhetoric, with former servicemen currently employed across various projects spanning the water, pharmaceutical, energy, industrial, and nuclear sectors. These individuals

bring to the table not only their technical expertise but also intangible qualities such as leadership, adaptability, and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the successful completion of tasks.

“Having worked with and employed former servicemen previously, the skillset they possess and benefit they can bring to a team was always clear. This role Michael has taken up is almost tailor-made given his background, providing a pathway for him to showcase his leadership, adaptability, and of course technical skillset as he grows within the company.

The positive impact Michael has made so far in his time with BGEN is clearly seen from those who have engaged with him. The support he has provided our Project Delivery has been invaluable. His character in the office to his overall standards in workmanship are a reminder to all as to what the benefits of having former servicemen within a team and company can bring. What sets ex-military personnel apart is their holistic approach to problem-solving, characterised by the ability to step back and assess the bigger picture while remaining focused on the task at hand. This skill set, coupled with impeccable timekeeping, time-management, and a collaborative spirit, enables them to seamlessly integrate into multidisciplinary teams and drive results even in the most demanding environments.”

James Somerville, Key Account Manager at BGEN and Michael’s Line Manager.

By championing the inclusion of ex-military personnel, BGEN not only enriches its talent pool but also sets a precedent for other organisations to follow suit. In doing so, they not only honour the service and sacrifice of these individuals but also reap the tangible benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness and positioning themselves as industry leaders in delivering exceptional service to clients.

We continue to explore our approach and how we attract ex-military to consider a career with us. Attracting from diverse talent pools is the best way to develop new ideas and ways of working, we aim to try and attract and retain the best talent.

“We do have several ex-armed forces people who work for us and have done so for a long time so we would like to continue with our recruitment strategy and we intend to attend Edinburgh again this year.”

Michelle Stott, Head of HR at BGEN
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