Profile interview: Callum Harrison, Junior Planning Engineer

Profile interview: Callum Harrison, Junior Planning Engineer

Here, we cast the spotlight on Callum, a rising star in the mechanical business at BGEN.

What is your current role?

“When I started at BGEN I joined as a junior fabrication engineer. However, to gain a greater understanding of the business, I’ve recently switched roles and become a junior planning engineer.”

Why a career in Engineering?

“When I was younger, I always had an interest in problem solving so engineering was a natural fit. After school and college, I graduated in aeronautical engineering at the University of Salford. Going to Salford meant I stayed at home while studying. And you could say I had a wise head on young shoulders – I saved a fortune.”

How did you arrive at BGEN?

“After some time out after my studies, my father (who also works at BGEN) mentioned that the company was hiring, and you could say that following an interview the rest is history.”

Can you tell us more about your role?

“While varied, and as a team we have a mentality of all chipping in if needed, I have tended to concentrate on isometrics, tendering and procurement while being a junior fabrication engineer. My isometrics work, processing information into databases, supports the wider team in delivering projects on specification, time and budget.”

How often are you out on site?

“Only a few times so far but that will increase now that I have passed my driving test! I like working on site, and supporting the site aids where needed, to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

What advice would you give someone thinking about joining the profession?

“Throw yourself into everything, even if you think the work is not directly relevant to your department. At my career stage, the more experience the better, and it is the quickest way to lose the greenhorn tag!”

Do you work on your own or as part of a team?

“Both, but I really enjoy being part of the wider mechanical team. I am grateful to the likes of Adam B and Adam P (who have been my mentors since day one) alongside Ian Swindley for their day-to-day support and ongoing direction.”

BGEN on Callum:

“Callum consistently demonstrates a proactive approach to his work, seeking out opportunities to learn and grow. His enthusiasm for acquiring new skills is evident and contagious among the team.”

Ian Swindley, support services manager – engineering solutions

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