Profile interview: Liam C, Site Manager

Profile interview: Liam C, Site Manager

Here, we cast the spotlight on Liam C, who has been with the company from boy to man, since joining the company in 2009 at the age of 16 – definitely making him one of the current stars at BGEN

So, you joined BGEN straight out of school?

“Yes.  I joined BGEN when I was 16 back in 2009.”

How has your career developed at BGEN?

“I started off as an apprentice, which included studying at an engineering college in Birkenhead, and I qualified as a pipe fitter.  Since then, I’ve progressed through the company in several roles including charge hand and supervisor, before being appointed to my current role as a site manager.”

What do you do on a daily basis?

“It’s fair to say that every day is different.  By the nature of the job title, you can imagine I’m on the road a lot and on site.

“When I’m there, I’m responsible for the management of a project in its entirety in accordance with our own and client procedures and ways of working, ensuring full compliance with contractual responsibilities.  I’m typically responsible for up to 30 people on site.

“In addition, I’m in charge of progressing the project in accordance with the agreed timeline and in line with the approved quality plan.”

What’s your favourite part of the job?

“Seeing the start and completion of projects.  It’s great putting all the plans in place to kick-off a project, and a proud moment when you hand a project back that you’ve ultimately been responsible for.”

So, you do your fair share of travel?

“Yes.  Given the nature of our work, travel is a necessity. I’ve recently been on projects in Belfast, London and Glasgow.  Some colleagues have been as far as Jamaica.”

What training have you undertook in recent times?

“Training is a key part of life at BGEN. Safety is important so I’ve undertook SMSTS and IHOS qualifications. On the project management front, I’ve recently completed an Approved Project Management course.”

What changes are you noticing in the industry?

“Net zero is a big driver for the sectors within which we operate.  We’re actively working with our customers to reduce their emissions.”

BGEN on Liam:

“Liam has excelled in his role of site manager and is going from strength to strength.  For example, over the last three projects he has overseen, he has been more confident when dealing with clients. Liam is a real credit to the engineering solutions division.”

Kevin Miller, director – engineering solutions

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