Profile Interview: Lucy Glover, Project Coordinator

Profile Interview: Lucy Glover, Project Coordinator

Here, we cast the spotlight on Lucy Glover, another one of our Rising Stars and part of the ‘next generation’ at BGEN.

Lucy joined the company at around the same time that its women’s forum was created, to support the recruitment and retention of female employees across the business. Here she shares her thoughts on BGEN, being a woman in engineering and the advice that she’d give to her younger self.

Tell us a bit about your BGEN journey so far.

I joined BGEN as a Project Coordinator in in summer 2021 and I’m based in the Derby office.  I brought with me six years’ work experience gained at one of the UK’s utilities contractors.

What does your role involve?

My role is completely different to most of the other project coordinators here as I work across two teams – the instrumentation team within our Technology division, as well as the projects team.

I compile project information for BGEN Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) and for Point of Sale (POS) Technicians working within the Instrumentation team.

What does your average day look like?

Every day is very different for me – there’s no such thing as average for a project coordinator at BGEN.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My absolute favourite part of my job are the people I work with. I also love the variety of my role. I don’t like doing the same thing, day in day out and this job is quite the opposite.

Are you office-based or are you out and about on site?

I’m office-based but am looking forward to visiting some sites soon.

How has BGEN supported your career progression?

The company could not have done more to help me grow. From the moment I stepped foot through the door here, I’ve had so many opportunities for training. I’m thankful for those every day.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d tell myself that even if you start your career from the bottom rungs of the ladder, with the right attitude you can succeed. It’s not all about getting the best exam grades. If you have the ambition, dedication, and desire to learn, there will be someone out there who will give you the opportunity and support you to flourish.

What is it like to be a woman in the engineering industry?

I’ve worked within the engineering sector for almost six years and there’s no denying it’s male dominated, but I’m delighted to say that there is an increasing number of women coming to work in it.

What’s the best thing about working at BGEN?

The two best things for me, when it comes to working at BGEN, are the people and the flexibility the company offers.

Without exception, everyone I work with is friendly and supportive. We recently had visitors to the office, and they remarked on how good the aura was. And, as a single mum, I can’t speak highly enough of BGEN’s understanding of the challenges of being a lone parent. I feel that they champion single mums and dads, whilst meeting my career development hopes and requirements.

What BGEN has to say about Lucy.

“Lucy is an incredible teammate to have around, and she always shows willingness to help improve the team performance. She can carry out any task no matter how big or small without any trouble. She is a pleasure to work with and takes a positive approach to her work”.

Chris Spence, Senior Project Engineer
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