Elevating C3 Biotech’s Fuel Innovation Journey!

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Elevating C3 Biotech’s Fuel Innovation Journey!
Case study

Client requirements

C3 Biotech is an innovative company that is using advanced biomanufacturing techniques to develop fuels from waste. The company emerged out of the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology in 2015 and is at the forefront of developing sustainable aviation fuel.

Its sustainable C3 fuel is cleaner and performs better than traditional fuel, and is being developed to be classed as a drop-in fuel such that it can be used in existing engines without modification.

As the company was expanding and ambitious it needed to create a state-of-the-art research and development centre so it could prove its fuel could be manufactured on-site and demonstrate production could be scaled up as demand in the product increased.

Keen to be located near the intellectual capital centre of Manchester and the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, the company was looking for the R&D centre to be developed nearby.

In addition, as per all start-ups, budget was a key consideration, so alongside finding a construction and engineering partner that had the capabilities to build a world-class laboratory, C3 Biotech was looking for a partner who had a proven track record in delivering projects to budget.

Our solution

Following a recommendation from the engineering consultancy, Otto Simon, BGEN was appointed Principal Contractor. BGEN become a collaboration partner and supported C3 Biotech in many aspects of the Project; not soley as a construction contractor.

What followed was a seven-month example of a true partnership working to its fullest potential. BGEN delivered the project using its trusted supply chain alongside its in-house design and construction delivery teams. This included BGEN’s sister company, Norwood, installing a sustainable fire grade partition solution.

During the project, the team overcame a number of challenges including commencing work on initial Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies alone, working with equipment purchased by the client in advance of engineering, alongside constraints posed by the building and location such as the building fabric, and the location and limitations of the utilities.

Innovation was evident throughout the project with BGEN fabricating the extraction structures off-site, and installing an intuitive lighting system, thermally insulated lighting system and modular walling, alongside the creation of bespoke extraction system.

Client benefits

C3 Biotech now have use of a state-of-the-art 4,050m2 research & development centre on the outskirts of Manchester. It has the working capacity for its projected needs, storage & equipment for handling hazardous substances, and it has been designed in a way to support future expansion.

Since its development, the centre has hosted a number of senior delegation visits from the US DoD and UK Mod who have got to experience the manufacture capability of C3 fuels firsthand.

BGEN is a preferred partner for C3 Biotech’s future expansion plans.

Client quote

“Working with BGEN made smart business sense,”

“Not only did they deliver on creating a world-class research and development centre – which is crucial given the facility will be producing high performance environmentally sustainable fuels, but they also delivered their work at record speeds.”

Jason Saint at C3 Biotech.

Separate box out – The project in numbers

  • 27,500 person hours
  • 232 operatives (Direct & Sub-contract)
  • 21 Tonnes of structural steel
  • 19,694m of cable (12.2 miles)
  • 2,737 metres of pipework (1.7 miles)
  • 90 tonnes of cement-based aggregates.
  • 1,138 Sqm of modular walling

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