BGEN Employee Awards

BGEN Employee Awards

With employees being our number one priority, we look at our inaugural employee awards – from concept through to celebrating the winners.

September 2022

Congratulations to our second round of quarterly winners…

Tom Kelly: Empowering People

Tom received three nominations off his colleagues, but this is the one that swung it for him: “Nothing is too much bother for Tom and he takes the time to guide and help with projects as well as being there on a personal level too. I have had many projects handed over from Tom and he takes the time to guide not only me as Project Manager but also the engineers working on the project whether it be SI, LV, Power Design, Telemetry. The effort from this guy is amazing and so great to deal with. Cannot thank him enough for his support.”

Paul Condon and Joe Berthels: The Safest Way

Paul and Joe were jointly awarded with this prize as they were working on a project together, when they stopped work to re-assess the safety. In doing so, they received the following commendation from the client: “I took 5 mins today to chat to the 2 guys from BGEN working on the side of admin, they were working on the mobile scaffold after the battery was running low on the MEWP. Their attitude towards safety was first class, they have arranged for an alternative method to be carried out which will likely delay the job but 100% the right thing to do!”

Mark Coburn: Customer Focused

“Mark has had numerous clients comment on his helpfulness and professionalism on their projects. He always provides a great service.”

James Davey: Continuous Improvement

“Since starting his new role, James has committed considerable effort into continual improvement in both the day to day operations and changes to the quality management system. This has been a much needed breath of fresh air encouraging others to challenge the way we work and optimise performance. Keep up the great work!”

Simon Caine: Doing the Right Thing

“Simon has consistently supported the [clients] construction team throughout the ZLA project with weekly fire alarm testing and other support. He also provided excellent assistance when an incident occurred where a third party struck a site lamp post.”

Employees and clients alike can nominate any BGEN employee at any time, for representing one of our five values, using this form.

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