Profile Interview: Chris Millett, Regional Manager, Southampton (Technology Department).

Profile Interview: Chris Millett, Regional Manager, Southampton (Technology Department).

At BGEN, no two roles are the same, so we are talking to colleagues across the organisation and asking them five questions to get insight and understanding of their journey here and how they fit into the company.

At the top of Chris’ favourite pastimes comes family time and capturing vital moments and memories. His main interests have always been related to motorsports – ‘if it has an engine I am there’ – riding motorbikes and hitting the trails on his mountain bike when he has the energy. Chris is lucky enough to live on the Surrey / Hampshire border with plenty of countryside (and pubs) to discover!

Can you tell us a little about your background and the path that has led you here?

My background is automotive and motorsport, so engineering has always been an intrigue and a natural path for me to take.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I fell into the industry as a telemetry engineer and progressed to a PLC & SCADA engineer.

I spent several years as an engineer before becoming a delivery manager. This was when I first started to manage teams of engineers and projects. I very quickly realised that I preferred project management and was lucky to find myself in a position where I could focus on developing these skills. I then became APM qualified and that started my management career, but I also found that building delivery teams and growing other’s careers was as enjoyable as the management of projects.

The opportunity to join BGEN as the regional manager in Southampton presented itself which had all of those ingredients that make for a really fulfilling role.

Can you describe your average day?

A question that is often asked and the answer is not really. Every day can be different or change with a phone call. This keeps things engaging. I have some tasks that repeat on a regular basis such as reports on my key account, sales priority, monthly financials, and the usual meetings for projects. The challenge I have is fitting this all into the week around visiting sites for new works, talking to clients about future works and then assisting my team with daily issues.

Has anything surprised you?

How many services BGEN offers across so many industries, the problem I have is remembering all this!

That, and how helpful and friendly everyone is. Even though people are busy, each person I speak to has taken time to talk to me – and not just about work. I think that’s really important, that you get to know everyone as people.

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

My initial challenge is to build the team in Southampton and to expand our offerings in the South East of England. We offer some very unique things at BGEN, both for our clients and our employees. The challenge is to grow both without altering the balance that enables us to excel in our delivery.

It going to be tough but I enjoy building teams and developing people so am really looking forward to this.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone setting out in their career?

This is a tricky one for me as my path has changed along the way, so with that statement I guess it would be don’t be afraid to try as much as possible and change course if you find something you prefer or are interested in.

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